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Recycling Unwanted, Broken, or Obsolete Products and Materials… It’s What We Do

At Albany Recycling Center we accept and recycle all sorts of materials, from aluminum cans to e-waste, from copper to car parts and just about everything else that can be recycled. Located just outside of Albany off I-94, we place a large focus on our local communities in central Minnesota — Freeport, Melrose, Albany, Holdingford, Avon, St. Martin, and beyond. We serve all of Minnesota as well as the surrounding states.

As a "drop-off" recycling center at our facility in Albany, area residents are welcome and urged to bring their recyclable items to us during our open hours. Our friendly staff will assist with unloading your items, sorting your items, weighing your items, as well as providing an itemized receipt of items, and will make sure you understand everything on your receipt to help you become more knowledgeable and better at recycling.

Bring It In. Get Rid of It. Put Some Green In Your Pocket.

That’s Right, We PAY You.

— Materials We BUY —

Recycling Isn’t Always Free, But It’s Still the Best Thing for Our Earth.

— Materials / Products We Accept for a Small Fee —

Did You Know…

Old television sets contain approximately 4 to 8 pounds of lead. Improper disposal means this toxic substance can leach into the ground.

This is a product you have to recycle properly, and we do it! There are recycling fees applied that depend on the weight, size, and style, but in the end it is worth a clean Earth. Stop in or give us a call for pricing information.

Material Pick Up

Material pick up is provided to businesses and organizations throughout our central Minnesota service area. Timely and professional pick up can be arranged on a contractual basis or you can Connect for one-time recycling assistance. Residential material pick up is currently not provided unless special circumstances come into play; please contact us with questions regarding product pick up or property clean up assistance.

Contact Albany Recycling Center if you have questions regarding a product or item you would like to recycle. We will gladly provide information about the best way to dispose of it.

Bin of old automotive batteries getting ready to be recycled

Sign on Albany Recycling Center's building promoting that they are an official Pubic Used Oil Drop Site

Used Oil Drop Site

Always seeking ways to provide our customers with more options to clean up our Earth, we now operate as a used oil drop site. Partnering with the used oil recycling division at East Side Oil Companies, Albany Recycling Center maintains a public drop station for various used motor oils.

Area residents are welcome to bring their used motor, transmission fluids, and rear end oils to Albany Recycling Center for proper and safe disposal.

Accepting Garbage and Comingled Recycling for a Fee. (Call for Pricing)

Handling furniture, mattresses, carpet, old toys, garage cleanup garbage, etc. Please call in advance if you have questions regarding items that we may or may not recycle.